If you would like to learn to make art, or if you are an artist in search for new techniques or a stronger voice, i strongly recommend you to take closer look at the links I am sharing below the text!

Since February 2019 I have had the great joy to participate in Pamela Caughey’s fantastic online course Powerful Design and Personal Color (PDPC). I stumbled upon one of her videos and I have not been doing much else but painting since then.

I consider her course to be excellent, in terms of its content, the way she teaches and the skills and years of experience she so generously and warmly passes on to us students.

This course also include a vibrant and very supportive Facebook group where we can post our work and where there is always someone who will offer support and tips if we are stuck.

The Powerful Design and Personal Color course is by far my best investment in my artistic career ever, and probably also in my life. Plus, the course is for life, it means that I can do the exercises as many times as I please and will definitively learn something new each time because the content is so profoundly rich.

I can proudly announce that I now am one of Pamela Caughey’s affiliates. In all modesty I also would like to tell you that I for the last few months have been part of her support team, for which I am forever grateful!

If you would like to know more about what courses she has to offer for dedicated artists and art students; now matter what level you are on, here are some great links for you to check out:

For the online course Powerful Design and Personal Color go to: https://www.artandsuccess.com/courses/pdpc?affcode=148811_621nmex0

For Pamela’s list of useful resources go to: https://www.artandsuccess.com/courses/resources?affcode=148811_621nmex0

For Pamela’s free tutorials and videos go to: https://www.artandsuccess.com/courses/videos-tutorials?affcode=148811_621nmex0